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On this page you can find all the projects that are currently in progress. If you are planning to start your own project related to Quark and need financial or non-financial support from the community? Click here and fill in the form, after you have sent the form to us, one of the Quark Foundation members will contact you about your project to discuss support and development.

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Quark Foundation Pool

To preserve the security of the Quark network, The foundation has decided to create our own pool! We are aiming to collect 15000 Quark with that we will be able to pay for 1 year of server and give a small fee to the person helping us setting the server up.

Once the server has been setup we will publish a new Wallet where you will automatically mine on the Quark Foundation Pool with for example 5-10% of your CPU power.

Bounty progress: Completed

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- Servers have been purchased, development is in progress.


Quark Mobile Wallet (Android)

Next big project is to raise a bounty of 15000 Quark, to pay the developer that is able to create the first working, stable and secure Quark Wallet application, that has the following functions*:


  • Ability to send/receive Quarks.
  • Ability to send request of Qrk payment, using share function(email/text,etc.)
  • A QR code feature for scanning addresses.
  • A separate exchange to fiat page, with multiple currencies listed
  • The current exchange rate of Qrk to Fiat needs to show up whenever entering a Qrk amount, on all pages..
  • Re the block chain, if its possible to connect/communicate to the block chain without having to download the entire block chain, this would be preferred.
  • Ability to scan and verify a wallet(i.e. paper wallet) if possible.
  • Address book
  • Back up Wallet Function
  • Messaging ability with transactions!
  • Safety Notes Page for user (re: tips to safeguard wallet/coins)
Bounty progress: Completed

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- Beta 9 has been released.

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